The best embroidery in the industry


When it comes to embroidering a logo on a shirt, or any other garment for that matter, no other company does it better than PrimeSource. We have the most experienced digitizers and embroidery operators in the industry, and the production capability to quickly fulfill any size order from 1 piece to 100,000 pieces. So whether you’re looking for full-service promotional apparel supplier or a decoration partner to plug into your business, PrimeSource offers the services you’ll need to succeed at every level. 





We make every stitch count


We digitize our logos and embroider our products under the same roof so you can rest assured your logos will be digitized most efficiently to run on our embroidery machines. That means you do not have to worry about logos being “padded” with extra stitches that cost you more, or poor stitch coverage that saves machine run time but harms the look of your logo.



Add some Bling


Create eye-catching looks for women’s garments with sequin embroidery. We stock an array of sequin colors to match your brand. One color sequin can be used in combination with multiple embroidery thread colors to create a unique design.



Yes, we monogram too


Get personal! You can customize just about any garment and tell your story with monogrammed embroidery. Choose initials or first names from a variety of stock fonts. A great option for corporate gifts or uniforms!




Popular and unique placements 


Need help deciding where your logo will look best? We’ve created popular placement guides to help you choose where your logo will tell the best story. Let us reinvent your branded apparel!





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