Frequently asked questions


Do you have order minimums?

Yes. 12 pieces for screen printing and 6 pieces for embroidery. During non-peak times we may print or embroider less than minimum, however, the order minimum will be $50.00 regardless of size. Minimum order requirements for promotional products vary.


What is your turn around time?

Standard turn around time for screen printing & embroidery is 10 business days. During peak seasons, turnaround time can be 12 business days. Promotional products will vary based on the product. If you have a firm in hands date, please let us know at the time of ordering and we will let you know if we can meet it.


Can I supply my own items to be printed?

It depends. Most times, yes. However, in the case of very expensive items, we may refuse.


Can I see a sample of my order before it prints/stitches?

Due to the cost and time involved in the set-up process, we are not able to provide actual print samples prior to production. You will, however, be provided with a clean and crisp proof of what the printed garment will look like.


Can I mix and match sizes for the same price?

No problem. You can mix and match sizes from Youth Small through Adult XL as you wish, and each item will be priced the same. Sometimes, depending on design, we may need to re-size the printing size on youth items.


Does the color of the shirt impact the price?

Yes. The simple rule to keep in mind is that white shirts and neutral colors like “natural” are always less expensive than colored shirts. When we print on color shirts, we always apply a white base to ensure color vibrancy. Don't get fooled by low cost internet printers - most will not use a white base and you will be less than satisfied with the results.

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