Screen to shirt with seamless application

Our talented artists and experienced press operators ensure that your screen print designs will look their best. In addition to traditional spot-color inks, PrimeSource offers specialty inks and art distressing to make your logo or design stand out.

Specializing in printing in dark and light garments

Decorative inks such as metallic, neon and crystalina are available to make your brand pop

High-volume, quick-turn capacity, award winning quality



Four-Color Process

This method is most effective when attempting to reproduce realistic photos. It can also be used for graphic images that contain a wide variety of colors.

  • Best for photo-realism
  • Printed with four colors; Cyan, Magenta, Yellow and Black (CMYK)
  • Best on white or very light-colored garments due to the translucent properties of the inks
  • Used in addition to Four-Color Process to match specific colors or solid copy


Simulated 4-Color Process

Images created with the simulated color process have a photorealistic look but are not printed with the four process colors of CMYK. Instead it uses spot-color inks. When printing simulated process color, the artist creates separations of halftone images for spot colors like red, yellow, blue, etc., using as many colors as the shop’s press can handle.

  • Differs from four color process in that it uses spot colors rather than CMYK
  • Works on light garments but best for dark garments
  • Produces a bright image, even when printed on a white-ink under base


Vintage Soft-Hand

This popular technique produces prints with a washed-down appearance and vintage quality, especially when combined with distressed artwork. An additive is incorporated to the ink mixture and the designs are printed without the use of an underlay to achieve the distressed look.



Specialty inks

PrimeSource offers several specialty inks for a unique high-impact affect.

  • Clear soft-hand gives the logo a tonal look
  • Gold, silver and black metallic ink brings logos to life with the illusion of metal
  • Make logos sparkle and shine with Crystalina, achieving a specialty effect to that of glitter

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