Promote Your Business with T-Shirts

  • Apr 24, 2019

Besides promoting your business on social media, you must also take advantage of other marketing tools such as business cards, brochures, and banners if you have a brick-and-motor store. Don't overlook the power of a t-shirt. You can have t-shirts made with your company's name and logo, then wear it to bring awareness to your product or service.  It doesn't take hard work to promote your business with t-shirts. All you need is creativity in designing the shirts, then have your staff wear them to special events (or just in public). When we first look at someone, the first thing we notice is his appearance and perhaps what he's wearing. Capitalize on the fact people see your presence first and invest in t-shirts to promote your business.  Once you have the t-shirts, it's time to start promoting. Here are some ideas to help advertise your business with t-shirts.


As was mentioned earlier, have your staff wear t-shirts. For example, in most casual dining restaurants the waiters/waitresses wear t-shirts promoting the restaurant. You can also use this idea even if you sell cars, hearing aids, or shoes. The t-shirts will foster unity when the staff wears them. Provide staff with t-shirts that have the company's name and logo displayed on both front and back. Ask your team to wear the t-shirts out in public; this will further promote your company.


Try holding a contest to promote your company. Give away free t-shirts to everyone who participated in the game. Make sure the company’s name and logo are prominent on the front and back. Use the free event to get free publicity. Make an announcement on your social media and networking pages about the event. Announce the winner to the local press, then post it in your social media pages. You can also update it to your website to get the most mileage out of the event.


Another idea is to head to a trade show, make sure it doesn’t require business attire. You can have a booth set up with marketing materials promoting your company. Even if you don’t have a booth setup, merely wearing your t-shirt will draw attention to your brand. As you’re walking around the venue, people will notice your shirt and may approach you. Be prepared to answer their questions thoughtfully and strategically. Make sure your attendees are also wearing t-shirts.


T-shirts are an effective way to gain publicity about your company. The process of designing shirts is fun because not only are you including the company's name and logo, but you can let the creative juices flow to add other things. Perhaps you want to add a memorable quote from an inventor in the past. Another idea is printing the company's mission on the t-shirt; make sure it's short and sweet.


Aside from the traditional business cards and store banners, customized t-shirts is a great marketing idea. You and everyone on your team can wear them anywhere to raise awareness of your company.